Have you heard the stories about getting tested for a STI, all the poking and prodding and swabbing. Well, forget all that and listen to this....there's an easy test out there where all you gotta do is stop by the student health center and give a urine sample. Cool, huh?

It's accurate and confidential. Only you and your babe need to know about it (because like I said, IF you have an infection, chances are your partner does too. And you can't be clean and safe unless they're clean and safe.)

So, drink a ton of water then head on down to the health center and make a deposit. In a few days you'll get the results. It's as easy as that!

Oh, and if you're a student like me, you're probably wondering how much it'll cost. It totally depends on your school's student health center and if you choose to go through insurance. You really need to give the student health center a call and see what they say. Click here for health center contact info.

And if you're wondering about how confidential the tests are, well, if you go to the student health center, no one will know what it's for. There are laws that protect patient privacy and it's up to you to share your results with your partner.